Naomi House, MLIS

Naomi House, MLIS
(photo by Kyle Cassidy)

Being the change: innovating and creating solutions from the grassroots up. Finding and filling a need on the fly. Connecting info pros with job opportunities. Nearly 20 years of experience in libraries, information centers, and related fields. Social media strategist and former CMO. Crowdfunding and patrimony/heritage supporter.

Naomi House, MLIS 

Work Experience / INALJ
Founder, Project Manager, Administrator, Publisher and Editor
10/2010 – Present
LinkedIn Group INALJ 
Twitter @INALJNaomi
Facebook (closed 2/17/2016)

      • Publishes: INALJ, an online webzine/blog with a focus on job searching strategies, interviews and access to all INALJ (I Need a Library Job) portals into one virtual space. Also publishes a list of jobs for librarians, library workers and other information professionals weekdays in the daily INALJ Jobs pdf. Over 500,000 page views in a month (2015) and over 21.5 million total page views.
      • Pandemic Response: Created 3 series of interviews to run in the summer of 2020 in direct response to the shrinking traditional job market caused by the global pandemic. 87% weekly page view increase upon launch.
      • Cultivated: in less than one month built a volunteer crew of 63 Head Editors for states, Canadian provinces and several international countries, along with 88 assistants for those editors and other senior and assistant editors.  Reorganized in 2015 to increase volunteer efficiency and job output.
      • Supervises: and edits the submissions of all volunteer contributors, including specialists in international jobs, competitive intelligence and prospect research jobs.
      • Provides: thousands of new active library positions, both internationally and nationally. Helped  thousands of info pros find jobs.
      • Grew: over 7,000 Facebook fans (retired the account in 2016), over 8,200 Twitter followers and a network of more than 9,000 librarians and information professionals on the LinkedIn group. Klout score of 65 (Klout was retired May 25, 2018). Followed on Twitter by @Forbes.
      • Grassroots: developed methods for building subscription base through social media, email, networking and internet campaigns. Built brand and brand recognition. Utilized metrics to build support.
      • Built: advertising revenue and relationships with vendors, universities and non-traditional employers interested in finding the best Information professionals.


Khan Moving, LLC
CIO and Webmaster
7/2007 – 2014
Archive of Reviews

      • Created: Khan Moving website, logo, catch-phrase and jingle.
      • Expanded: by utilizing national networks such as was able to help the President and CEO triple business in 2008 and become one of the highest rated moving labor companies in the Washington, DC area through 2013.


CSTI / Census Bureau Library
Suitland, MD
Reference, Marketing and Acquisitions Librarian
8/2010 – 11/2013
Government Contractor

      • Supervised: collection development and reference department staff.
      • Saved: along with my Acquisitions staff, saved the Census Bureau 25% of our total subscriptions budget/IAA, in FY12 and 34% in FY13.
      • Created: made taxonomy for Library shared drive. Worked with Records Management staff to make sure the plan complied with government schedules. Identified procedural problems.


Georgetown Law Library
Washington, D.C.
Evening Circulation Supervisor
8/2007 – 9/2010
John Wolff International & Comparative Law Library

      • International Specialist: Bibliographic searcher for the reference librarians’ collection development duties at the international library including United Nations and NATO documents.
      • Supervised: Responsible for hiring and scheduling all student workers.
      • Served: member of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, Integrated Library System Forum, and International Resources Forum.
      • Lead: created a new classification system and indexing terms for the shared drive. Spearheaded the required switch to SharePoint for all Wolff staff documents.

Previous Library Experience includes:  Ithaca College Library, ICBA Information Center, American Chemical Society Library, Trak Records & Library and RIT Wallace Library (1995-1996; 2004-2007)

Previous Customer Service & Management Experience:  World Market, Media Play, Ames and Wegmans (1996-2004)

Previous Teaching Experience:  Alfred-Almond Central School 8th Grade Special Education (1998-1999) and English for Speakers of Other Languages – ESL Teacher at Language ETC (2005-2006)


Partnerships / T160K

Washington State / Remote
7/2014 – 12/2016
LinkedIn T160k group
Facebook T160k (closed May 2020)
Twitter @T160K
Twitter @T160kNaomi
Pinterest T160k
Google+ T160k

      • Marketing: Moved T160K from its old tag line specific to the Libraries in Exile project in Timbuktu to the wider tagline, A Community of Cultural Preservation. Created press/blogger kits. Liaison for media related inquiries.
      • Social Media: Built the T160K Pinterest page from scratch including selections from the Dropbox collection of T160K images as well as pins from various international, news and other sources for T160K. Created the T160K LinkedIn community. Manages all social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter. Created personal @T160KNaomi twitter handle. Started Google+ group page and Ello page. Started T160K WordPress blog.
      • Grew: All social media accounts from launch in July of 2014. Nearly tripled the number of Twitter followers; 40% increase in Facebook followers.


Board Membership

University of Maryland iSchool
College Park, MD
Inaugural MLS Advisory Board
Appointed for a three year term, 2014-2017



* Library Journal Movers & Shakers 2013 – Community Builders Award (update on my personal stance on the controversy re: the 2020 Library of the Year award)



Rutgers University
8/2009 – 5/2011
Masters of Library and Information Science
Beta Phi Mu, Omicron Chapter

State University of New York, Empire State College
8/2007 – 2/2009
Bachelor of Arts – Major in History

previously Monroe Community College, Finger Lakes Community College and RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) 1995-2001


Pandemic Response / 2020 Interview Series

When the global pandemic began being taken seriously the jobs market for librarians slowed significantly as employers either stopped hiring, closed currently open positions or waited to list new jobs. This inspired me to launch 3 series of interviews with LIS professionals at all levels who have found work outside traditional libraries and internationally. 




-updated 6/24/2023-