by Naomi House, MLIS

DSCN2338I’m really happy overall since the new year! 

By making significant changes to INALJ’s site I am saving myself an incredible amount of time.  Me: this year is unapologetically the year of ME giving priority to me, and not just INALJ.  It is the year of insisting that my boundaries are respected.  I am inflexible about the changes while running INALJ (for now), and I have set boundaries that clearly state, do not contact me about the changes.

Around October of last year I talked to my husband about the effort and time I was putting into INALJ and we both acknowledged without some income coming in from INALJ, it really wasn’t going to be worth the time put in.  I put out a call on PayPal & GoFundMe and INALJ’s fans came through!  So I decided to continue, but with a major change.  I was going back to the pdf version.  I dislike the pdf as much as many others do, sometimes my browser is slow loading it, it is clunky and not as useful as the pages were, but the time savings is significant for me and that was what Sana, my husband, and I decided was important.

That is right, WE are what matters in our lives.  Our struggles with fertility matter.  My health matters.  My happiness matters.  Sure, INALJ has helped a ton of LIS professionals and it will continue to, but now the time required is reasonable.

No-one is owed INALJ. 

For some reason I have been running this site for 5+ years and yet our LIS associations, schools etc have done nothing about making something similar prioritizing wide-net job harvesting and sharing.  While I owe you nothing, your associations do.  Reach out to them.  I hope to make a fantastic connection with some organization this year and go back to the old way, or even better a new and better way of sharing the jobs.  But if not, this is so much better a resource than I ever had and I am finally happy with my life and workflow and will continue as is in 2016 or at least, for now.

See those smiles on our faces?  THAT is MY 2016 and it is well earned.


PS: Should have also acknowledged that there is much gendered and sexist criticism about me specifically as I refuse to be “nice” and am “inflexible,” but I don’t owe anyone who sends unsolicited or harassing emails etc ‘nice.’  Heck, I just don’t owe anyone nice period.


Naomi House

Naomi House, MLIS, is the founder and publisher of the popular webzine and jobs list (formerly I Need a Library Job) and former CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of, a crowdfunding platform focused on African patrimony, heritage and cultural projects. INALJ was founded in October 2010 with the assistance of her fellow Rutgers classmate, Elizabeth Leonard. Its social media presence has grown to include Facebook (retired in 2016), Twitter and a LinkedIn group, in addition to the interviews, articles and jobs found on INALJ. INALJ has had over 21 Million page hits and helped many, many thousands of librarians find employment! Through grassroots marketing, word of mouth and a real focus on exploring unconventional resources for job leads, INALJ grew from a subscription base of 20 friends to a website with over 500,000 visits in one month. Naomi believes that well-sourced quantity is quality in this narrow job market and INALJ reflects this with many new jobs published daily. She has also written for the 2011, 2012 and 2013 LexisNexis Government Info Pro and many other publications in the past decade. She presents whenever she can, including serving on three panels at the American Library Association's Annual Conference in Las Vegas; as breakout presenter at OCLC EMEA in Cape Town, South Africa; as a keynote speaker at the Virginia Library Association annual meeting; at the National Press Club in Washington DC; McGill University in Montreal, Canada; the University of the Emirates, Dubai, MLIS program and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Naomi was a Reference, Marketing and Acquisitions Librarian for a contractor at a federal library outside Washington, DC, and has been living and working in Budapest, Hungary and Western New York State. She spent years running her husband’s moving labor website, fixed and sold old houses and assisted her husband cooking delicious Pakistani food. She is preparing to re-enter the workforce and is job hunting. Her husband is now the co-editor of INALJ, a true support!  She has heard of spare time but hasn’t encountered it lately. She pronounces INALJ as eye-na-elle-jay. 


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