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Post a Job to

INALJ offers Employers the opportunity to have their job listed at the top of the state page
within 24 hours, a Sponsored option!

Sponsored Job info

Free Job info


  • The sponsored jobs will be placed on the state your job is listed in at the top of the page, right after the page links
  • Employers will pay online (contact me if you need to pay by check) but MUST email with the job already formatted as such:  Job Title/ Workplace/ City, State/ Apply by date if there is one  / Link to job description (required) with where/ how to apply.  PDFs accepted, too!
  • The subject line must read SPONSORED AD and have the state name as well
  • All sponsored jobs will be Tweeted and shared on FB at least once- something only sponsored jobs will get!

Buy a Sponsored Ad

I process all credit card payments through PayPal using jobs at inalj dot com as the email address- once you email us the job ad we will put it online; but we need to know how long you want to have the job on for.  We will then email you a PayPal invoice you can use to pay.  Prices below.

Number of Days on INALJ

1 day $20.00 USD

2 days $40.00 USD

3 days $60.00 USD

4 days $80.00 USD

1 week $100.00 USD

10 days $150.00 USD

2 weeks $190.00 USD

3 weeks $290.00 USD

1 month (or 31 days, whichever is longer) $400.00 USD

Email for questions about paying by check.  Be sure to note in your payment the ad name – we will email as soon as we receive the job ad and once placed.  Once sponsorship period ends the job will be moved into the regular section.


As always we offer a free option as well:

Those jobs take roughly 5+ business days to appear and are listed in the order we add them.  Send those jobs to with the same formatting for speedier placement. If your job is not on within 5 business days contact us- the free service is volunteer run and you will need to follow up to ensure it is on the page.  Those jobs remain on the INALJ pdf of the date we add it, just that one time.  Send Word docs or links to your jobs for free ads – never pdfs.

I do NOT reply to FREE job requests – we format and you need to follow up and check daily on the PDFs page within 5 business days to be sure your job got added.

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