Mission Statement

INALJ.com (founded and managed by me, Naomi House and my volunteers) strives to find and share jobs that may be of interest to LIS (library and information science) professionals, staff and students both traditional and outside the box. I refuse to define or limit the scope any further, instead focusing on pushing boundaries. What matters to me is LIS people finding jobs, hopefully within the fields we serve, but not limited to them. INALJ is volunteer run and will continue to be so until a significant profit stream materializes. The platform is owned and run by me, Naomi House, so in addition to jobs, articles and blog posts on LIS related and job hunting topics, occasionally I will share updates on my life, and other businesses including the houses I renovate.  Social justice is important to me. Food is important to me.  Duplicate job listings are not a priority.  They happen.  Perfection (however anyone defines it) is not our goal- better to have too many jobs, too far outside our scope than too few.

The site is now called INALJ (not the original I need a library job as I do not limit jobs to just ones in libraries and actually never did). I do not respond to all emails or in a timely fashion to the ones I do respond to. If you write asking us to not post jobs from a particular jobs field or employer I will not respond and mark future emails as spam. I am happy with our policies and jobs as is. I host all jobs publicly on this website so no-one no matter what is blocked from seeing them and so that it is up to each job hunter to chose whether they use our site or not.

 – Naomi House


*mission may change

updated 11/11/14