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As of February 2016 #inaljchat founders Leigh & Lauren have grown the chat and changed it to #LISprochat  follow them at @LISprochat



What: #inaljchat

Where: Twitter.com  follow @inaljchat

When: Mondays at 9-10:00pm EDT every other week

Why:  Crowd-sourcing the best of the web from the best on the web (ie: librarians) on job hunting topics

How:  1 moderator will ask 4 Questions in the hour in the Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 format and followers will use #inaljchat and answer back in the A1, A2, A3 and A4 format (like #uklibchat and #libchat)

Rules: Be constructive. No attacking people, etc.















Previous Calendar

3/9/15 How to make extra money to pay for conferences, on the job search and beyond. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by 8 tips to pay your way to ALA 9pm ET.

3/16/15 What do you wish you would have done while in library school: Tips for students and alumni. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by Library School: Some Thoughts in Hindsight, 9pm ET.

3/23/15 Handling Bad News at Work. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by 5 Tips for Handling Bad News at Work, 9pm ET.

3/30/15 Moving on from a job, internship or volunteer position. Hosted by Lauren @inaljchat, inspired by How Do You Know When it is Time to Go?, 9pm ET.


Past Chats (with links to the chats):

3/2/15 (view chat here) Tips on professional references. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by References Available Upon Request 9pm ET.

2/23/15 (view chat here) Self-care on once you’ve got the job. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by The Key to Your New Job is You: Self-Care During the Job Hunt, 9pm ET.

2/16/15 President’s Day No Chat!

2/9/15 (view chat here) Professional development: resources & goals for 2015. Hosted by Lauren@inaljchat, inspired by New Year of Professional Development: 7 Great Sites to Use, 9pm ET.

2/2/15 (view chat here) Conference Experience ALAMW15 and OLASC15. Hosted by Lauren@inaljchat, inspired by Professional Confrences, 9pm ET.

1/26/15 (view chat here) Do’s and Don’ts of Job Applications. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchat, inspired by How to Avoid HR’s Wall of Shame. Job Application Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs, 9pm ET.

1/19/15 MLK Day No Chat!

1/12/15 (view chat here) Tips and Advice on Relocating for a Job. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchat, inspired by Don’t Be Afraid to Relocate, 9pm ET.

1/5/15 (view chat here) Forty Resume Tweaks to Get You an Interview. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchat, inspired by Forty Resume Tweaks to Get You an Interview, 9pm ET.

12/29/14 (view chat here)The Job Hunter’s Guide to Positivity. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchat, inspired by The Job Hunter’s Guide to Positivity, 9pm ET.

12/22/14 (view chat here) Using Writing to Enhance your Communication Skills on the Job and Job Search. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchat, 9pm ET.

12/15/14 (view chat here) How to Handle Turning Down a Job Offer. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchatinspired by  Respectfully Declining a Job Offer 9pm ET.

12/8/14 (view chat here) Staying Healthy on the Job and the Job Search. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchatinspired by Staying Healthy in the Stacks 9pm ET.

12/1/14 (view chat here) Job-Hunting Resources for LIS Students and New Librarians. Hosted by Leigh@inaljchatinspired by It is Never too Early to Job Hunt: Some Resources for New & Returning LIS students 9pm ET.

11/24/14 (view chat here)  Canceled. Hosted by Lauren @inaljchat 9pm ET.

11/17/14 (view chat here) Thank You Notes. Hosted by Lauren @inaljchat, inspired by 7 Tips About the All-Important Thank You 9pm ET.

11/10/14 (view chat here) Questions to Ask the Interviewers. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by Good Questions to ask Interviewers 9pm ET.

11/3/14 (view chat here) Using Social Media in Your Job Search. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by Using Social Media for Your Job Search  9pm ET.

10/27/14 (view chat here) What Do You Support Beyond Libraries? Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat9pm ET.

10/20/14 (view chat here) Time Management: Effective tips for managing your time. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat9pm ET.

10/6/14 (view chat here) Best and Worst strategies for Job Hunting!Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by A Job App a Day and Other Job Hunting Strategies 9pm ET.

9/29//14 (view chat here) High Pay Versus Low Paying Library Jobs: What is right for you? Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, 9pm ET.

9/22/14 (view chat here) #SLAtalk: Live and Learn! Session 2. Hosted by @SLAhq and @inaljchat9pm ET.

9/15/14 (view chat here) Conference presentations and proposals. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by Conference Session Proposals and Presentations: Less Complicated than You’d Think 9pm ET.

9/8/14 (view chat here) 5 Tips for Conquering the Exhibits Hall. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat, inspired by 5 Tips for Conquering the Exhibits Hall 9pm ET.

8/25/14 (view chat here) Change in the professional world: Is it a good or bad?. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat 9pm ET.


8/18/14   (view @Liz_Librarian’s Storify here) Free Advice Does Not Come Cheap: on weighing pros and cons and $/time in to advance your career. Hosted by Lauren @inaljchat  inspired by Free Advice (Literally) for New Librarians 9pm ET.

8/4/14  (view @Liz_Librarian Storify here) Tonight’s chat is based on 2 of Angie Solis’s 4 pt series on Acing the Job Interview http://inalj.com/?p=75911 & http://inalj.com/?p=76324. Hosted by Leigh @inaljchat 9pm ET.

6/30/14  (view @Liz_Librarian’s Storify here) Online vs. F2F learning: the debate. Hosted by @INALJOntario, 9pm ET. 

6/23/14  (view @Liz_Librarian‘s Storify here) The “In” Crowd: jobs beyond the Library. Hosted by @INALJOntario and @INALJ_NJ  inspired by The “In” Crowd: Librarian Jobs Beyond the Library  9pm ET.

6/16/14  (view @Liz_Librarian‘s Storify here)  (view chat here)  MLS: what should Library and iSchools be teaching us? Hosted by @sendaulas  9pm ET.

6/9/14  (view chat here) Career Strategies: overviews of ladders, lateral moves and corkscrew/ jungle gym career paths. Hosted by @alphild5000, inspired by Threading the Corkscrew: Non-Ladder/Non-Lateral Job Advancement 9pm ET.

6/2/14  (view chat here) Volunteering: Pros and Cons. Hosted by @INALJOntario, inspired by How Volunteering May Actually Be Hurting Your Job Hunt 9pm ET.

5/26/14  EA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) Regional Conference, in Cape Town, South Africa, Feb. 24, 2014  9pm ET.

5/19/14  (view chat here) Hacking Conferences! Beyond and including the traditional. Hosted by @INALJ_PA, inspired by Ten Conference Tips for a First Timer 9pm ET.

5/19/14  (view chat here) Hacking Conferences! Beyond and including the traditional. Hosted by @INALJ_PA, inspired by Ten Conference Tips for a First Timer 9pm ET.

5/12/14  (view chat here) All about Networking!  Hosted by @INALJMissouri, inspired by Networking Tips for the Reluctant Networker  9pm EDT.

5/5/14  (view chat here) Debunking the myths of Librarianship or How to Get Romantics from Misunderstanding us. Hosted by @alphild5000, inspired by Debunking 10 Librarian Misconceptions  9pm EDT.

4/28/14  (view chat here) What would you say you do here? Librarian/staff perceptions and roles. Hosted by @sendaulas  and inspired by 5 Things that People Don’t Realize Their Librarians Do  9pm  EDT.

4/21/14  (view chat here) Self care during the job search.  Hosted by @librarian_kate, inspired by The Key to Your New Job is You: Self-Care During the Job Hunt 9pm EDT.

4/14/14  (view chat here)  Professional Associations w/in and w/out- the good, the bad and the value added.  Hosted by @INALJOntario, inspired by Professional Associations for Canadian LIS Professionals  9pm EDT.

4/7/14  (view @kmapesy ‘s Storify here)  (view chat here) Navigating Twitter as a job hunter: tips, tricks, tools and tweet chats. Hosted by  @INALJMaryland, inspired by 23 Useful Twitter Tools  9pm EDT.

3/31/14  (view chat here)  International Focus (Naomi House @needalibraryjob, moderator) and at Noon-1 EDT!

3/24/14  (view chat here) Appearance in libraries (work – interviews – media etc) beyond & including cis gendered white women. Hosted by @INALJMissouri,  inspired by So You Have Blue Hair  9pm EDT.

3/17/14  (view chat here) After the Rejection: strategies for turning it around. Hosted by @INALJNYS, inspired by What to write after they’ve turned you down  9pm EDT.

3/10/14  (view chat here) Translating Skillsets- how to sell yourself to non-libraries & sell libraries on your non-lib skills. Hosted by @INALJOntario & @INALJ_NJ  2nd hour hosted by @INALJCalifornia, inspired by Translating Non-Library Skills to a Library-Directed Résumé  9pm EDT.