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Naomi House 2014My name is Naomi House and I am the founder, publisher and editor of INALJ.com.

  • INALJ (formerly I need a library job) is the work of myself, my husband Sana, and a few volunteers 
  • but it started on October 16, 2010 when I sent an email out to several of my Rutgers MLIS friends asking for ideas on sharing jobs we all found through listservs.
  • I had been lucky enough to find a job as a reference librarian half way through my Masters degree and wanted to share the jobs I had found.
  • Elizabeth Leonard volunteered to start the Facebook and Twitter pages and I began my daily comprehensive digest of jobs I called INALJ.
  • Our social media presence can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Our Facebook page ended in 2016.
  • INALJ covers all 50 states, Canada and many international jobs as well.
  • Over 21 million pages views!

This is a one stop shop where fans could find all of my pages and email information as well as bios, interviews, book reviews and original articles by information professionals. INALJ.com is usually updated Monday-Friday.

Many tens of thousands of fans have found jobs so far!

The most important service I offer is the daily INALJ Jobs.  We transitioned in 2013 from a daily pdf to State and Province pages!  Now we are back to the pdf to save time.

Check out all the jobs, hundreds and hundreds daily, on


INALJ is free but donations are always welcome and help us grow.

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Previously, I was the reference and acquisitions librarian at a federal library outside Washington, DC and now I don’t stay still for long. I have worked in libraries first as a library assistant, then as a librarian for ten years. In my spare time I run my husband’s moving labor company website, fix up old houses and sleep.

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