Library and Information Science Business Cards

. . . . by Courtney Baron, Head Editor, INALJ Georgia

Library and Information Science Business Cards

courtneybaronI’m planning to go to my first conference this fall and I’d like to print business cards for the occasion. Many employers provide business cards for their employees, but if you are a library student like me or you do not currently have a library job, it’s a good idea to design and print your own. You definitely want your business cards to stick out without distracting potential employers and contacts from your important information. There are some amazing and creative ideas out there for library and information science business cards. I really like tailoring your card’s design to your specific LIS branch. Here are my favorites!


LIS Business Cards 4Stamp. Have a stamp made with your information and perhaps a fun image for the reverse side and hand stamp your cards. You can order custom stamps on Etsy or go to your local print shop. You can buy cardstock and have the business cards professionally cut or buy pre-made cards. The simple presentation is elegant and the stamp gives the card a homemade feel that’s very appropriate for our profession!    (Image courtesy of Joseph Hopkins. Stamp from Bel Jean Copy & Print Center in Athens, GA)


LIS Business Cards 1QR code. I know QR codes don’t always get a lot of love in the library world, but one of my classmates decided to put a QR code link to his online portfolio on his business card and I thought it was an excellent idea. Especially appropriate for a tech savvy librarian!   (Image found at and printed by Moo @




LIS Business Cards 2Card catalogs. Card catalogs will never lose their vintage appeal and make impossibly cute business cards. If you are a cataloger, archivist, or otherwise nostalgic librarian, this could be the perfect design for you!  (Image found at and designed by Boxcar Press)




LIS Business Cards 3Comic books, illustrations, etc. Add a little flair! If you work in youth services and love comic books, create your own librarian comic book character. If you are an art librarian, add your favorite work of art or a piece of your own.  (Image found at


Sarah Schott of INALJ Arizona has some helpful tips and resources for designing and printing your own business cards!  I created a Pinterest board for library and information science business cards so you can browse ideas. If you’d like to upload your own business card or pin to the board, please contact me so I can give you permission! 

Now for the hard part, narrowing down my options…


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