Leigh Milligan



leigh.milliganI grew up in Philadelphia, PA and I currently live with my fiancé and black cat in Levittown, PA, a small suburb outside Philadelphia. We are getting married in May 2015. I graduated from West Chester University in 2008 with two degrees in English Literature and Theatre Arts. I graduated from Drexel University with my MLIS in 2011. I am the lead library assistant for Magee Rehabilitation Hospital in Philadelphia, PA and a Volunteer Reference Librarian for the Internet Public Library. My hobbies are geocaching, music, camping, reading, crafting, video games, writing, trying new restaurants, antiques, anything Jim Henson related and exploring new places. I hope to work as a full-time librarian in the future. I have been with I Need a Library Job since 2012. I started out as an assistant, then in 2013 I was the Head Editor for Wisconsin, and in 2014 I was the Head Editor for Pennsylvania, and I am now a Senior Editor for 6 state pages.  I continue to look forward to helping other librarians with their career goals, while I am working on my own. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!