INALJ Northwest Territories, Nunavut & Yukon

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All lists of additional sites to check will remain below, here on this page


Websites for Jobs Northwest Territories

Job Boards

Northwest Territories Libraries and Educational Institutions


Websites for Jobs Nunavut

Job Boards

Nunavut Libraries and Educational Institutions


Websites for Jobs Yukon

Job Boards

Yukon Libraries and Educational Institutions


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If you have a job or website you want us to add, email us at  jobs@inalj.comPlease include the province/territory/country in the Subject line of emails. Thank you.

This list of websites is partly based on resources compiled by Library and Archives Canada – edited, updated and added to on 1/25/13 by Lauren Bourdages; Sarah Dashow and Anastasia Gould were instrumental in growing this page!  It is now curated and maintained by the Editor of this page.