Do’s and Don’ts of Job Applications: Take Aways from #inaljchat 1/16/15

Do’s and Don’ts of Job Applications: Take Aways from #inaljchat 1/16/15

By Jennifer Divine, INALJ CIO

Jennifer DevineHosted by Leigh Milligan, Senior Editor

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Q1: Have you ever made a mistake or an error on a job application? If so, what was it?

Everyone had made mistakes some sharing were:

  • Using Templates and forgetting to change the date
  • Wrong years listed on Resumes
  • Forgetting change the name of institutions
  • Misspellings and Grammar Errors
  • Not following Application Directions

Ways to avoid these mistakes

  • Quadruple check before submitting
  • Over check
  • Proofread
  • Have some one else proofread your application

Q2: What are some things that you should do when applying for a job?

  • Research, Google, visit organizations website, visit in person if possible
  • Match your wording to the wording the job announcement
  • Find names of HR or whom to address in a cover letter
  • Stay Organized
  • Make a To-Do List

Q3: What are some things that you should not do when applying for a job?

  • Recycle or reuse a resume or cover letter
  • Don’t think of a job as you’re the only qualified candidate
  • Don’t try to not say the wrong thing and be obsessed with it
  • Do not go against the application rules
  • Don’t use a reference with out asking first

How to Avoid these

  • Customize your cover letters and resumes
  • Don’t get your hopes up
  • Don’t come off insincere or dishonest
  • Follow the rules
  • Ask to use someone as a reference and provide them with an updated resume, if after an interview provide them with job posting and cover letter

Q4: What is the best piece of advice that you have received for job applications and have you seen results from it? 

  • Use a personal statement instead of a Objective on your resume
  • Add your linkedin profile link to your resume
  • Include a link to your portfolio on resume
  • If a project is online that you describe in your resume use a hyperlink
  • Use a chronological style resume
  • When doing a federal resume repeat keywords
  • Give your self credit, don’t undersell your self
  • Volunteer work is valuable
  • MLIS Skills are not just for library jobs

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