5 Creative writing tips to enhance your communication skills

by Kristin Charles-Scaringi
previously published 11/12/2014

5 Creative writing tips to enhance your communication skills

kristincharlesscaringiBefore I took my seat at the reference desk of a public library I could be found at a computer writing. I found that my professional background as a journalist and public relations writer, as well as my experience as a creative writing student are an asset to my current career as a librarian.

Solid communication skills are required in the real world. You see it mentioned in every job description out there. It is important that we all be able to communicate effectively with one another, especially when we are trying to work together. And in today’s world of abbreviated written communication (e.g., text messaging, emails, Twitter), it is even more important to revisit the need for good writing skills.

In honor of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I am sharing some creative writing rules that apply to communication skills we should develop and strengthen as we promote ourselves and our libraries.

1. Show, don’t tell – This was the credo all my professors lived, worked and taught by. It is crucial in today’s job search. Gone are the days of listing your job responsibilities on your resume, now you must describe your accomplishments, projects and results.

2. Use an active voice – Use active words. You see this command when reading articles on how to write that dynamite resume and cover letter. When you use the active voice rather than a passive voice, you are show the action being taken and this is more effective in resonating with potential employers.

3. Tell a storyStorytelling a powerful tool in applying for a job. You want your resume to resonate with potential employers. Stories are a way to make a human connection.

4. Be yourself – To thine own self be true! When communicating, be honest and open. There is no room in the application process for exaggeration and falsifying your experiences. Also, if you are true to who you are, you will be more comfortable and confident when going for that dream job.

5. Use good grammar – Nothing will send your job application to the reject pile faster than a spelling or grammar mistake. Always have a second set of eyes read over your application!

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