Mykola Krupko, Hospital Librarian

This interview is over 1 year old and may no longer be up to date or reflect the interviewee/interviewees’ positions

By Elena Bubelich, Head Editor, INALJ Quebec 

Mykola Krupko, Hospital Librarian

MykolaKrupkoIn this blog post I would like to continue to share experience of job search of some graduates of MLIS programs in Quebec, Canada. In May 2014 I interviewed my assistant Josiane Doucet-Alarie and in this blog post I’m glad to present my former classmate and my friend Mykola Krupko. Now he is a librarian in a hospital library in Sherbrooke.

Elena. I know your biography is an eventful one.  Please, share your experience and background in few words.
Mykola. I hold a bachelor’s degree in health sciences. In 2011 I began my studies at the Master of Information Studies (MIS) program at the University of Montreal. From July 2012 to December 2013, I worked as a part-time reference technician in a public library. I completed 35-days internship in a hospital library. I graduated in July 2013. From September to December 2013 I continued to work as a volunteer in the same hospital library.

Elena. How did you find your current library job?
Mykola. I found job offer at the website of the School of Library Science of the University of Montreal. I also subscribed the RSS feeds of the Corporation of the Professional Librarians of Quebec and ASTED.

Elena. Do you remember your first interview for a library position? Was it difficult or successful or useful? Do you remember particular questions that were uncommon or funny or strange?
Mykola. It was an interview for a part-time library position in one of the Montreal public libraries. It was one of the most difficult interviews that I’ve ever had.

This interview was prepared by a private company of human resources management by request of Montreal municipality. It was my first interview for a librarian job and they asked me some questions I had not prepared. One of the unexpected questions was, “What you are going to do if there is an interruption of electricity in the library?”

I was not selected for this position, but it was a very good experience because it allowed me to be prepared better for other interviews.ElenaBubelich

Elena. Do you remember your first day or week at your first library position? What major challenges did you face.
Mykola. The major challenge that I faced during the first week at my first library job was a large amount of the information that I had to remember.

Elena. What could you advise students who start the Master of Information Studies (MIS) program?
1.         Try to find a part-time job or volunteer job during your study at University.
2.         Be natural and relaxed during job interview.