5 LIS Items on My Holiday Wish List

by Courtney Baron, Head Editor, INALJ Georgia

5 LIS Items on My Holiday Wish List

courtneybaronIt’s that time of the year! The holidays are approaching. While normally I look forward to having some time off from my insane schedule, for those of us who are job hunting, it can bring increased anxiety and disappointment. I’ve already noticed a decline in the number of job openings and most hiring will soon be put on hold until the New Year. If you are like me and have not yet accomplished your goal of finding a LIS job this year, don’t fret! The holidays are a perfect time to recover from the job search frenzy, rejuvenate with family and friends, and refresh your outlook on life. It’s also a perfect opportunity to put career-related LIS items on your holiday wish list! Here are the 5 LIS items on my holiday wish list.

Membership to an organization of my choice.

If you are a recent graduate and still job-hunting, then you know the pain of membership dues. The holidays are a perfect time for broke LIS professionals to ask for a present that’s practical and will keep giving year round! I’m taking advantage of student memberships while I’m in school, since it’s more affordable and gives me to the opportunity to test the waters and see where I belong. I have several memberships already, but I’m itching to join the Visual Resources Association.

The Atlas of New Librarianship by R. David Lankes

R. David Lankes taught a MOOC on new librarianship this year. I participated in part of it but it became too much with a full time job and graduate school. I’m dying to pick up the book, though, and I’m sure it will bring a fresh perspective to the profession, which will help in future job interviews!

Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career by Susanne Markgren and Tiffany Eastman Allen

Our own Naomi House highly recommends this book and what could be more perfect for job hunters? This is a must have.

Penguin Postcard Set

I actually bought this to send out thank you notes after job interviews. It’s functional and very appropriate for library jobs, plus it’s just plain fun. Think of the crafts you can do to de-stress!

Gift Card

A gift card or certificate to Moo.com to create new personalized business cards, or perhaps for a class to brush up on your SQL skills. Whatever your needs, this is a perfect excuse to bridge the gap.

Happy holidays and best wishes on your job search!