Conference Tips: An Interview with Sarah Mailloux

This interview is over 1 year old and may no longer be up to date or reflect the interviewee/interviewees’ positions

by Emily Guier, Head Editor, INALJ Wyoming

Conference Tips: An Interview with Sarah Mailloux

INALJ logoEmily: As a first-time library conference attendee, what were you expecting?

Sarah: I think I was expecting more people. There were only about 20 people there, but that made for easier discussions. People were more willing to speak up than if there had been more people there. We all knew the different workshops we were going to attend before we ever got there. I think the biggest surprise for me was the physical size of the campus. The full time enrollment where I work and at the community college where the conference was held were very similar, but the campus was enormous in comparison.

Emily: What did you think of this conference?

Sarah: I thought it was really interesting. There are some really enthusiastic librarians out there and everyone cares really deeply about their library’s future. I came out with so  many ideas to try in my own library.

Emily: What tips would you give to others attending their first conference?

Sarah: If you go to a conference with people you work with, you’ll probably gain more if you don’t hang out with them while you are there. The different and new ideas are going to come from people you don’t know.emily.guier

Emily: Will you be implementing anything you learned from the conference in your library?

Sarah: We’d like to start a “One book, one college” program if we can get enough support. We’re looking at new reference models, and investigating databases to add to the collection.

Sarah Mailloux is an adjunct librarian at Casper College. She is currently pursuing her degree from Southern Connecticut University and will graduate with her MLS in May 2014. She recently attended the ForwardFocus Conference at Illinois Central College in Peoria and graciously agreed to answer some questions about her time there.