What to Read While Waiting for Season 4 of Downton Abbey …

by Roselle Pendergast, Head Editor, INALJ Minnesota

What to Read While Waiting for Season 4 of Downton Abbey to Start in January 2014? 

Roselle.PendergastI’m sure many of us are eagerly waiting for the start of Downton Abbey’s 4th season, which starts January 5th 2014 on PBS’s Masterpiece Classic. I’ve been finding myself reading Jane Austen’s books that I would have never read prior to Downton Abbey. I’m now slowly reading my way through “Emma.” It’s very intriguing how shows we all love compel us to seek out books that are about the same topics of our favorite shows.

So with that in mind, I did some Internet searching and came up with the following to read while we wait for the season to start:

  • GoodReads has a great list compiled by GoodReads members based on books similar to Jessica Fellowes’ (Niece of Julian Fellowes) book titled “The World of Downton Abbey”.
  • Wizzley has another list as well that contains one or two books similar to the GoodReads list but it stands on its own with unique books in its short list. 

While the Internet does have a vast number of suggestions and lists from other passionate readers (i.e., search “Downton Abbey books”), you can’t go wrong with your own library’s suggestions!  For an example, the New York Public Library has a list of their own, which isn’t limited to just books but other items they have in their collection, i.e. DVDs, CDs, and so on.  Springfield-Greene County Library District in Springfield, Missouri has a similar list as well.

Seeing all these submissions from other libraries had me curious about MY library district, the Hennepin County Library district in Minneapolis, MN.  Just as I thought! There’s a list as well!  So go, check out YOUR library’s list, and maybe make a few suggestions of your own.

The question is…how many of them can we read before the season begins?!