Using Slideshare to Market Yourself

by Duda Trickovic, Head Editor, INALJ New Brunswick and INALJ Prince Edward Island

Using SlideShare to Market Yourself

DudaTSlideShare, which was recently voted among the World’s Top 10 tools for education & e-learning is an online professional and educational community where anyone can share slides from presentations for free. SlideShare allows you to upload your presentation publicly or privately and share it with other people. It could be used for educational, marketing, or any other purposes you can think of. It is used by individuals and organizations. According to their website, some SlideShare users include the White House and the United Nations (along with millions of other users).

You can embed your SlideShare presentation on your blog, website, or company intranet. You can share your slides on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also sync MP3 audio with slides to create a Webinar. Presentations in PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice, iWorks formats can be uploaded. And, the content of SlideShare presentations is free to download, reuse, and remix for personal or business use. SlideShare can be used on your computer or your phone, tablet (no Flash required), and all of this is available for free.

SlideShare is a great way to create an online presence for yourself (and your presentation) to a worldwide audience. For example, you can make your resume in the form of a SlideShare presentation and share it on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. There are many ways to use SlideShare: the only limit is your imagination.