Spotlight on Libraries – Maine, USA

by Sarah Parramore, Head Editor, INALJ Middle East/Arabian Gulf

Spotlight on Libraries – Maine, USA

Sarah Parramore2What is it? The Camden Public Library Camden Public Library (front)

Where is it? Camden, Maine, USA

Why should you visit? Such a cute, charming and quaint little library, right? Well, take a look at the back of this humble little building:

Camden Public Library (back)

Do you see the secret bat cave entrance down on the bottom right corner? This is the main entrance to the cavernous (and impressive) collection that also leads to the maritime themed children’s area.

Camden Public Library (children's area)

That humble little building on top is simply the reading room. There are three levels to this impressive library including a History Center that proudly displays Camden’s detailed past and prominent historical figures of society. The Camden Public Library is the town’s center for culture and discovery with fantastic outreach and connections to the art scene.

The architecture is stunning, the collection vast, and the charm incomparable. If you find yourself along the Maine coast, this “little” library is a must visit!

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