Cardmunch, store business cards on your phone

. . . by Duda Trickovic, . Head Editor, INALJ New Brunswick and INALJ Prince Edward Island

Cardmunch, a new way to store business cards on your phone

dudat1In today’s digital world I am still getting a lot of information on paper. I am trying to convert everything in digital form but that is not always easy. One of the problems is with receiving a business cards from people. Yes, you can always manually enter the data into your address book, but if you go to a networking event, you will probably come out with handful of business cards. Now there is a solution: LinkedIn has a free app called Cardmunch. For
now this app is available for iPhones only, but it looks like that version for the Blackberry and Android phones are in the works.

Cardmunch lets you take a picture of a business card, converts it into your contacts, and since it is LinkedIn app, shows you LinkedIn profile and all the contacts you have in common. Actual conversion is done by real people, who will read and transcribe the info contained on the business card, including the logo. This info is then transferred to your contacts. You can submit many cards in one upload. Cardmunch lets you store all of your contacts on their server, which translates into secure backup of your contacts. You don’t have to worry about losing your contacts if you lose or damage your phone. – your contacts are just a click away. All of your contacts are now fully searchable: you can search by name, number or notes.

If you are an Android or Blackberry phone user you can subscribe to alert, so you will be notified when Cardmunch for your phone becomes available.