Spotlight on Libraries-Thailand’s Neilson Hays Library

Sarah Parramore, Head Editor, INALJ Middle East/Arabian Gulf

Spotlight on Libraries-Thailand

What is it? The Neilson Hays Library and Galleries


Where is it? 195 Surawong Road, Bangkok, Thailand


Why should you visit? This library houses one of the largest collection of English language materials in Thailand and features local artists in their domed gallery. But most impressive of all, they still utilize a card catalog!

nielsonhays2Apart from that, the library is attached to a small café and garden making for a nice break from the hustle of Bangkok. Founded in 1869 by the Bangkok Ladies’ Library Association (a group of 13 British and American women) and named after the most active board member, Jennie Neilson Hays. Original fixtures and carved filing cabinets are still in use and the creak of the hardwood floors and the smell of books makes this a most inviting place!