Free Online Tools for Job Searching

by Elena Bubelich, Head Editor, INALJ Quebec

Resuming Free Online Tools for Job Searches

1047_1In my previous blog postings, I’ve presented some free tools for searching for jobs, so in this article I would like to resume this theme and to tell a little bit about other tools. So,

1. One of the most usual ways to get to know about new jobs is to subscribe to job alerts by email. Many job boards propose to sign in for this service.

2. Another way is to subscribe to RSS feed of new jobs, but unfortunately not all sites give to their users this possibility. When it’s possible, sign in for it and then get new job offers as soon as they appear on the site. By the way, Feedly remains the best equivalent to Google Reader, especially because of its mobile application and extensions for most popular browsers.

3. As many sites propose RSS feed of all their job offers, use services as Yahoo! Pipes to filter and to combine at the same time as many RSS feeds as you want. My post about how to do it is here (

4. If you have smartphone or tablet, install some mobile apps for job search. I wrote about some of them here (

5. Even if a site doesn’t have any of these possibilities to get to know about new job offers (it means that the site is really static, without dynamic content, and it’s not rare, unfortunately!), try to use WatchThatPage, the free service for monitoring changes on the sites that you choose. It also has a paid version for users who exploit it for professional purposes: when you need to look after changes on many sites and to get a frequent reports (every day).

In conclusion, be sure that you use all these free tools to search for jobs, expand your professional network, be proactive and you will have a better chance of not losing job offers.