Sharing My (Jobs) Sources

by Marlena Barber, Head Editor, INALJ Tennessee
Sharing My (Jobs) Sources
marlena barberI go to many websites to locate open positions to share with Tennessee job hunters.  I would like to share a few of my favorite local and national resources here for you.  Each is also linked on the INALJ-TN page.
1.       ATLA  American Theological Library Association job postings-Nationwide
2.       MLA Medical Library Association job postings-Nationwide
3.       SAA Society of American Archivists job postings-Nationwide
I search by selecting TN as the state with these (and more!) keywords: “metadata”, “library”, and “librarian”
6.      The Tennessee Board of Regents-Statewide
7.       JOBS4TN Online-Statewide
I additionally search for jobs by region.  Tennessee has three regions: West, Middle, and East.  On my page, I have links to academic libraries and other libraries listed by the state region.  I also note if the only positions listed on the links are volunteer opportunities.  I include those as volunteering helped me gain experience in the field, and it was really enjoyable as well!  There are opportunities I have listed throughout the state, and I tried to be as comprehensive as possible on my state page.

I hope these resources listed here and on my state INALJ-TN page help others discover the job of their dreams!