The 1-2-3 Method for Building-Up Your Online Presence

by Kiersten Bryant, former Head Editor, INALJ California
previously published 7/2/13

The 1-2-3 Method for Building-Up Your Online Presence

kiersten bryantI’m still a relative newbie to using social media to create an online presence to gain recognition from employers and influencers. I know that it’s very important in the job hunt these days to have an established social media footprint, and to make an online impression through social media. Recently my husband gave me some advice that someone else had given him about building-up an online presence and acquiring more followers.

He called it the “1-2-3 Method.” The 1-2-3 Method works like this: for every 1 post you make on Facebook, Instagram, etc., you should comment on 2 posts, and like (or favorite) 3 additional posts made by other users. Make sure the comments that you leave have some substance. They should be meaningful and engaging. The easiest way to do this is to ask a question in response to a post: encouraging further dialog and interaction.

The 1-2-3 Method will push you to be more active in the social media world, and it will get your name out there more often to be noticed by others. Start with one social media platform like Twitter or Facebook, or even Pinterest to try the 1-2-3 Method and see where it gets you!

Do you have any other methods or approaches to building-up your online presence that you would like to share?

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