Meet Sylvia Bly: INALJ California Assistant Editor

This interview is over 1 year old and may no longer be up to date or reflect the interviewee/interviewees’ positions

by Kiersten Bryant, Head Editor, INALJ California

Meet Sylvia Bly: INALJ California Assistant Editor

S_Bly PicKiersten:  How did you find your current job?
Sylvia: Through, as well as subscribing to job postings from Wayne State University.  I do the searching for California [INALJ page] using, and tried it for the Michigan market.

Kiersten: Favorite library you have been to?
|Sylvia: Don’t really have one.  Probably the one that made an impression on me was the Rose and Robert Skillman Branch of the Detroit Public Library.  It was close enough to walk to on my lunch hour, and such a neat building with a nice collection

Kiersten: Favorite book?
Sylvia: Too many to list!

Kiersten: Any websites or feeds or blogs we should be following?
Sylvia: No, right now I’m way too busy to keep up with any!

Kiersten: Favorite thing about libraries/ library technology?
Sylvia: My favorite is that it is a place that you can go to for some peace and quiet.  Usually!

Kiersten: If you could take any of your hobbies and create a job out of it or integrate it into your job, what would it be?
Sylvia: I don’t think I could integrate cross-stitching into my job.  It would get way too dirty!

Kiersten: Has volunteering as an Assistant Editor with INALJ helped with your job search? If yes, in what way?kiersten_bryant
Sylvia: Absolutely.  I have applied the same search keywords for my volunteer work to my own regional area, and it has gained me a lot of interviews.  Even if you don’t land the position, you do get your name out there.

Kiersten: Best piece of job hunting/career advice?
Sylvia: Watch all the listservs, job boards that you can.  If you can do 20% of what they are looking for, apply!  You never know!

In addition to being one of the Assistant Editors for the INALJ California page, Sylvia Bly is the Construction Records Specialist at Wayne State University. She works with drawings, blueprints, operations manuals, etc.  NOT a position that she ever imagined herself in, and it’s a big job.  Remember what she said under number 8?  The job position required “a proficiency in AutoCAD”.  She knows absolutely nothing about AutoCAD, but she could do a great deal of the rest.  And here she is!  She currently resides in Fraser, MI, just north of Detroit with her significant other and ragdoll cats.  She loves to read and cross-stitch when she has the time!