February 2015 Roundup (INALJ Stats)

by Jennifer Devine, CIO

A Fantastic February!

January began the new year for everyone, but for INALJ February brought along our new leadership! Myself as CIO, Rachael Altman as COO and with the help of Naomi House, CEO we began seamlessly running INALJ and making internal changes that may have gone unnoticed to our fans and community, but all to make your job search easier and bring more jobs to you. This month has been very busy with lots of great changes and I expect March to be even busier with even more jobs!

Our busiest day in February was 21,836 views on 2/24, and our busiest week had 123,725 views, and our month was 481,836 views!


Some fast stats for February 2015:

  • 10,326,275 total INALJ.com page views (all time) and 481,836 in February alone
  • 37,400 Tweets milestone reached
  • 6,473 Twitter followers
  • 6,690 Facebook fans
  • 7,685 LinkedIn group members
  • INALJ.com email subscribers
  • Our ?th fan found their job!  ? fans shared that they found jobs in January and many, many more found jobs as well.  (this stat will be updated later on some month)


  • California was the most viewed US state page with 21,341 views
  • Ontario was the most viewed Canadian province and of ALL jobs pages with 30,106 views
  • Total jobs added for the month ? 

The top 5 INALJ articles in February were:

  1. Why I Quit My Library Job and Why I No Longer Want One by Naomi House, founder
  2. 5 Things That People Don’t Realize their Librarians Doby Rebecca Tischler
  3. The 8 Best Reader’s Advisory Websitesby Rebecca Tischler
  4. Library School: Some Thoughts in Hindsightby Gabrielle Spiers
  5. 5 Resources to Produce Great Library Displaysby Angela Piccola


We understand that search for a job is a job within in itself. Not only do you have to find a job, but apply, attempt to get an interview and hope you get the job. The hard work of our dedicated volunteers is to help you find a job and advice. We hope that our community eliminates some of the stress out of your job search. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius this is my wish for you.

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