Why I Love INALJ

By Angie Solis, Senior Editor

Why I Love INALJ

AngieSolisOne year ago I began volunteering for an amazing organization – INALJ.  My time at INALJ has been not only a fulfilling one, but an educational one.  I never thought that I would volunteer for an organization that would allow me to help other professionals in such a special way.  Looking back I can tell you I really do love working with INALJ and today, I’d like to tell you exactly why.

I love working with INALJ because I have the opportunity to meet other professionals from an array of different areas of interest.  I’m convinced that without INALJ I would not have had the opportunity or the resources to meet such a wide range of professionals.  The volunteers and leaders at INALJ are amazing people and I am honored to be lumped in the same group as them.

With this team of professionals comes a plethora of advice, support and a place where one can vent, throw ideas around and generally just talk with individuals that have something in common.  This outpouring of support from smart, talented and kind individuals is something that is really amazing and something that is hard to find in other places.

INALJ has also helped me to learn new skills and has given me access to resources that I might have missed otherwise.  What skills you ask? Blogging, website updating, social network managing, Twitter chatting, resume building skills, interview skills, managing people and much more!  The possibilities are numerous and I’m sure there are peers of mine who can add to this list.

INALJ has helped me to fulfill my potential!  You might be saying right about now… Really?  Come on now… You’re going too far.  But no, I’m completely serious!  Prior to volunteering with INALJ I dreamed about blogging and tweeting and learning about bettering my interview skills.  Now, I don’t just dream about it, I do it.  I love that I can give advice to others about interviewing and resumes when just a year ago I would have shrugged my shoulders if someone had asked me about job seeking skills and I’ve published 3 times as many blog posts than the previous year with the help of INALJ.  I’m not an expert in any one of the items mentioned above but I know more today than I did pre-INALJ and that’s a pretty good feeling.

Finally, volunteering for INALJ is something to do with my spare time that is really worth it.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again I love doing something where I feel like I make a difference.  And I think that I actually am making a difference which is even more rewarding.

In general, I really love volunteering my time because I feel like I’m learning and teaching and giving back to the community in a way that benefits others.  I am a big advocate for giving back in a way that works for one’s own self so if you ever get a chance, take some time out and give time to an organization that makes you feel good; whether it be INALJ , a local library or even a local animal shelter.  The last year has been amazing and I’m looking forward to another amazing year with INALJ.