Plan Your Mission & Conquer Your Goals

by Valarie Swayze, Senior Editor, INALJ

Plan Your Mission & Conquer Your Goals

Make Success a Habit not a Goal via PinterestSetting goals and accomplishing them is a powerful experience, and one that can motivate you to being better every day. The first step to purposeful goal-setting is writing a personal mission statement. If life is a journey, a mission statement would be a map. Imagine navigating through your personal and professional life with a map vs. without. Applying a mission statement as a filter to your decision-making process will help to ensure that your choices align with your goals and values, and ultimately guarantee that the path you are on is leading to where you want to go. Your mission statement will help goal-setting become a habit and will become part of your personal branding. Choose a challenge to learn something new or do something that you have been putting off for a while. This is a fun way to keep a positive attitude, inspire others, and add new experiences and skills to your resume. The following resources can help you create a plan for professional development and personal growth.

TED: Goal-Setting – Includes a featured goal-setting video playlist and links to a variety of talks. These informative and thought-provoking videos are sure to get you in touch with your goals and will give youideas on how to turn your visions into reality.

Personal Goal Setting – Unsure of your goals or where to start? This terrific resource, sponsored by Mindtools, covers some of the most fundamental concepts and condenses them into an easy to understand format. If you have not had formal training on setting goals, this is a great place to learn.

Setting & Achieving Goals –’s collection of articles and videos on setting and achieving goals. This compilation addresses both common practice and unconventional wisdom for reaching your goals.

Throw Your Old Plan Away: 6 New Ways to Build Leadership Development into Your Job– Thisarticle integratesleadership andsetting goals. The suggestions are simple, and can teach you howto achieve your goals while on the job.This approach benefits you, your colleagues, and your organization.

Lominger Competency List – Companies across a variety of industries use the Lominger Competency Model to build strongerorganizations by focusing on growing key talents of individuals. If you need help identifying goals, this resource may help you zero in on a few that are deemed by many experts to be essential to one’s success.

valarie_swayzePersonal Mission Statements of 5 Famous CEOs (And Why You Should Write One Too)­ –This article introduces tips for writing a personal mission statement and advises that it is a process that typically includes deep introspection to succinctly identify your personal mission. Mission statements and opinions on missions and leadership are shared from five CEOs that may help get you started with writing or revising your personal mission statement.

A Personal Mission Statement – Stephen Covey was a pioneer in identifying that mission statements can have a tremendous impact not only when applied to corporations, but also teams, individuals, and families. The Mission Statement Builder is a tool provided by that can help you construct a personal mission statement by presenting a series of inquires about interests and traits relating to talent, performance, passion, and vision. Sample mission statements are also provided to provide ideas and illustrate how diverse and truly personal the personal mission statement can be.


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