Why Frozen’s “Let it Go” is the Perfect Job Hunting Anthem

by Fallon Bleich, Senior Assistant, INALJ Arkansas
previously published 3/12/14

Why Frozen’s “Let it Go” is the Perfect Job Hunting Anthem

fallon.bleichI’m obsessed with all things Disney. I’ve been to Disney World five times and Disney Land once; I’ve seen every film at least twice; and I collect both the pins and the Vinylmations. I love me some Disney and knew that I would love the film Frozen, because the Snow Queen is a great story and it’s about two sisters. It’s nice to have a film that isn’t about the girl finding the boy or vice versa (although it does happen in this film, it’s not the main point). What surprised me even more was how great the song “Let it Go” is; it’s the perfect anthem for job hunters and here’s why:

1.) It’s a song about being yourself. The whole point of the song is about Elsa finally releasing  her magic and not hiding it anymore. Obviously, you’re not going to rock magic anytime soon, but you are going to have to rock an interview sometime soon. “Let it Go” talks about being yourself and not being afraid of it. That’s how you need to act in an interview! You shouldn’t act too unprofessional/casual, but you should show your personality. The interviewer needs to know how you’re going to fit into the overall work atmosphere. Don’t be stuffy and rote, instead show how passionate you are about collection development or youth services or whatever you’re interviewing for. It’s important.

2.) You have to “let go” of the applications. I’m seriously obsessive over things that I do; I get anxious and worry about what is happening with it and if I should do this or that. It took me a long time to realize that if I try my best on my cover letter and resume, then I can’t do anything else with it. It’s in someone else’s hands after that. The solution? Let it go. Seriously, after you hit send or mail off your application, go take a walk, call a friend, do some yoga, but don’t even think about it again until you get that call for the interview. It takes a lot of practice, but if you’re like me, job hunting has become one giant practice round. I’m consistently practicing my searching skills, my cover letter and resume writing, and my interview skills. You can’t obsess about them and you have to let it all go until the next step.

3.) Pump yourself up. That’s the point of this song for Elsa.  She goes from terrifying the town she’s ruler of to building a kick butt ice castle. When you score that interview, listen to some awesome music on the way to it. When you don’t get that interview, let it go and pump yourself up to write the next cover letter. “Let it Go” is about how awesome Elsa has become by relaxing and being herself. She’s on her way to her new life, as she says in the song. That’s what you’re going to be doing by finding that new job.

In conclusion, sure “Let it Go” is a silly example of an empowerment song, but a little sillyness may be what you need to truly relax. Job hunting is super stressful; trust me, I’m right there with you guys, but it doesn’t have to be. Be happy with yourself, promote your awesome skills, and like Elsa, you too will have a happy ending.