Brittany Turner …Success Story

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Naomi House’s interview with success story Brittany.

How did you find your current job?
Brittany:  Through a listing in INALJ!

Naomi:  Favorite library you have been to?
Brittany:  A.K. Smiley Public Library (Redlands, CA –

Naomi:  Favorite book?
Brittany:  The Genius by Theodore Dreiser

Naomi:  Favorite thing about libraries/ library technology?
Brittany:  I think libraries have always been in a unique position to support the needs of entire communities, and believe this has become even more valuable as libraries explore their changing roles within modern society. I love the ways libraries are evaluating their services and identifying truly innovative ways to meet the needs and desires of library users. I am continually impressed with the creativity and commitment demonstrated by library users and staff alike.

brittanyt2Naomi:  Any websites or feeds or blogs we should be following?
Brittany:  Yes! Despite being a terrible “small business owner,” I have to give a plug for my consulting service at For folks interested in a librarianship career, I can’t recommend UA’s SLIS program highly enough; you can learn more about them at I’m enjoying @stevenmaccall, @mcsweeneys and @minniedw right now. And every librarian probably thinks their library is the coolest in the world, so check out

Naomi:  Best piece of job hunting advice?
Brittany:  Apply early, apply often, apply everywhere! After my most recent project concluded, I spent nearly 14 months looking for full time employment outside of consulting. I was racking up literally hundreds of applications each week. When I started using INALJ, I chose one day each week to identify and apply to possible opportunities. Depsite all of my previous efforts, I was finally able to line up numerous interviews within a month after using INALJ. It was time consuming and sometimes frustrating, but it definitely paid off. I think it’s also a big help if job seekers are able to enjoy geographic flexibility. It’s also good to try to be flexible about the type of work that interests you. Some of the most intriguing possibilities weren’t positions I would have initially envisioned myself exploring. Similarly, if you stay active in the profession while looking for work, you’ll have a much easier time transitioning into employment than if you hadn’t interned/volunteered/worked part time/whatever. Most importantly, I’d say trust your instincts and don’t just jump into an undesirable employment situation out of desperation; it’d be a shame to miss out on a great opportunity because you rushed into a bad fit. The right one definitely will come along, it just takes a little time!

brittanyt1Brittany Turner currently works as a consultant focusing primarily in the area of cultural heritage protection. She is also the Records Manager/Special Projects Librarian with the Shreve Memorial Library. Previously, Brittany worked as Project Coordinator for “To Preserve and Protect: Security Solutions for New York’s Historical Records” at the New York State Archives and Village Clerk for the Village of New Paltz, NY. Brittany received her Master’s in Public Administration through the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy at the State University of New York at Albany. In 2012, she was awarded a Master’s in Library and Information Science through the University of Alabama‘s Online Cohort. Brittany is active in a number of professional organizations, including the SAA Security Roundtable and RBMS Security Committee. She is also the 2011 recipient of the Donald Peterson Student Scholarship award.