The Only Thing We Have to Fear

by Nena Schvaneveldt, Head Editor, INALJ Utah

The Only Thing We Have to Fear

NenaSOvercoming fear is still a big issue for me. I will find myself in a difficult situation and see two options: the easy way and the right way. Of course, the right way often involves a change or confrontation, which makes the easy way that much more tempting. A little while ago, I came up with a question that helps me make a better decision.

If I were in an interview and asked about this very situation, how would I want to respond? 

Most of the time, I don’t want to respond to “how did you handle a difficult situation?” with “I avoided it until it went away.” I evaluate different options based upon what I’d like to be able to say I did. This has helped me come up with options between the two ways.

For example, if I realized I’d made a mistake, my fear would tell me to hide it. What I’d like to be able to say is that I grew from it. Maybe today that means owning up to the mistake and asking how I should handle it.

This may help you, too. It’s helped me face some difficult situations.

What tricks do you have to help you make better choices in the midst of fear?