Nobody Doesn’t Like a Candidate with Fundraising Knowledge

by Ryan Nitz, Head Editor, INALJ Alaska

Nobody Doesn’t Like a Candidate with Fundraising Knowledge

ryannitz_photoPretty much no matter where you look, libraries–like basically all other nonprofit organizations–are looking for ways to find more money. Whether they’re searching for special project money, general operating funds, or whatever, it’s not very likely that you’ll run across some library that’s experiencing their best-case funding scenario. It’s easy to understand why; there are seemingly unlimited reasons. Libraries, library administrators, librarians, and other library staff members find themselves pulled in so many different directions in terms of serving the needs and wants of their customer bases and communities, it scarcely even seems possible to articulate what all the needs and wants are–let alone nail down adequate funding to provide the services.

This being the case, it’s pretty difficult to imagine that having some experience–or at least some ideas and familiarity–with fundraising would be a bad thing to have on your resume. If you’ve done grant research, proposal writing, or even volunteered your help for an organization’s annual capital campaign, you have experience that could be very valuable to a potential employer. If you’re totally new to fundraising, there’s really no wrong place to start. So why not get your feet a little wet? One of the best FREE resources for cool ideas and refresher-course kinds of resources is the Nonprofit Webinars series from 4Good. Here are a couple coming up in the next few weeks to get you started:

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