Feeling Awkward around Business Cards?

by Lisa Huntsha, Head Editor, INALJ Sweden

Feeling Awkward around Business Cards?

lisahuntshaDoes anyone else feel awkward when handing out business cards? I always did. I felt like I was on a first date asking for a second one before it was even over yet. To get over this, I developed a sort of script that I’d say while handing out a card, which helped me push through the feeling that I was being presumptuous in thinking these people might actually want to talk to me again. My script was simple. I’d say something like: “It was really nice meeting you, feel free to get in touch sometime if you’d like to talk more about [something we discussed].” Simple, yet personal. Most importantly, it helped me get over my awkwardness and open the door for future conversations.

What about you, have you ever felt this way? What do you do when handing out a business card?

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