23 Useful Twitter Tools

by Alexandra Janvey, former Head Editor, INALJ Iowa
previously published 11/4/13 & 5/20/14

23 Useful Twitter Tools

alliej3There are an abundance of tools available that you can use to manage your Twitter account more effectively and save time. Here are 23 useful Twitter tools.


  • HootSuite – Social Media management system where you can keep track of and post from your many social media accounts in one place.

  • TweetDeck – Another application that helps you keep track of multiple accounts.

  • TweetChat – A tool that makes it easy to participate in Twitter Chats. Each tweet automatically gets the Twitter chat hashtag added and the stream automatically updates.

  • Twitterfall – Streams tweets on topics in real-time.

  • Twubs – Another Twitter chat management tool. You can pause a chat and it automatically includes the hashtag when sending your tweet.

  • Hashtags.org – Shows you a hashtags use over time and recent tweets. Provides graphs and information by hour on top hashtags.

  • Tagdef – Look up or define the meanings of hashtags.

  • Refollow – Helps you discover, manage, and protect your Twitter social circle. This tool allows you to manage your friends and followers, group by relationships, and sort by importance.

  • Friend or Follow – Find out who you are following that doesn’t follow you back.

  • Tweepi – Track the accounts that you’re following but are not following you back.

  • Qwitter – Allows individuals to track who follows them and unfollows them.

  • UnTweeps – Unfollow all the Twitter users you are following who haven’t updated their twitter accounts in awhile.

  • Bitly – URL shortener. Shows stats that show how many clicks and shares certain URL’s have obtained.

  • TinyURL – Another URL shortener. You can incorporate a one-click bookmarklet on your browser so it’s easy to shorten a url without going back to the TinyURL website.

  • Google URL Shortener – Google’s own URL shortener. It’s easy to use and you can track how many clicks you get.

  • Buffer – An easy way to share links, pictures, and videos found across your different social media accounts.

  • TweetWhen – Determines the best time to tweet in order to reach the maximum number of your followers.

  • Klout – Provides social media analytics to measure a user’s influence.

  • Twuffer – Allows a Twitter user to compose a list of future tweets and schedule their release.

  • Storify – Use Storify to capture discussions on social media and publish them for everyone to see.

  • Twilert – An easy to use Twitter search-monitoring tool that helps you keep track of mentions and keywords. Receive e-mail alerts containing the search results for every Twilert you create.

  • Twtpoll – Allows you to create polls for Twitter.

  • TweetStats – Allows you to analyze your Twitter activity.

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