Library-Themed Music for the Soul

by Sandra Hoyer, Head Editor, INALJ Washington

Library-Themed Music for the Soul

SandraHoyerI find that music, above almost anything else, always has the power to shift my mood to a more positive place. Here are ten fun/silly/rocking/serious library-related tunes to get you through any lumps, bumps, library woes, or plain old slow days.

Time to jam out to a little nonsensical fun:

Want a little rock number about finding love at the library?:

As it turns out, Jimmy Buffet loves more than Margaritaville: 

This song is almost too good to be real and always puts a smile on my face when I hear it. Kimya Dawson doesn’t hold back her love for the library, “The library, the library / Is the perfect place for me!”

For all those in love with a bookworm:

And now for a trippier variety of library-themed music:

For those who escape the world when they enter a library:

If you’re into musicals try this one on for size:

For library lovers who also happen to love upbeat K-Pop songs:

“Should we save libraries..” Yes!:

Last but not least, I leave you with this magnificent tidbit:

Music sways the heart and reminds us why we came to love certain things to begin with. Do you have any favorite library-related songs to share?

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