Unplug and Recharge

by Ryan Nitz, Head Editor, INALJ Alaska

Unplug and Recharge

ryannitz_photoAs a result of the recent government shutdown, I’ve had the opportunity to step away from technology throughout the day a bit more than I usually would. I’ve noticed that not having to be in front of a screen for a significant part of the day has had some positive impacts. I feel like I’m thinking maybe a little more clearly and methodically about things, for example. I get fewer headaches. It’s kind of nice, and it got me thinking about the often arduous job hunting process and how much of it is spent in front of the computer monitor.

Most people who follow INALJ have a very direct understanding of just how much time one can spend trying to find the right positions to apply for, let alone the time required to complete and submit the actual applications. Taking breaks from the process can sometimes make us feel like we’re slacking off. We’re driven–especially in the mainstream culture of the United States–to be hyper-focused on work and a successful career (whatever that looks like anymore). But breaks are necessary. Tenacity is important in the job hunt, but the mind needs breaks in order to keep the effort up over the long haul.

I don’t know about you, but for me, breaks have to include time away from technology. If I don’t sequester myself from the phone, laptop, tablet, it’s pretty likely that I’ll just end up back at work on something within five minutes of calling break time. If that rings true for you as well, then here are a couple of useful posts to help motivate you to get offline for awhile and recharge for the good fight:

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