Library Jobs in North Carolina: Key Statistics

by Rebekah Kati, Head Editor, INALJ North Carolina

Library Jobs in North Carolina: Key Statistics

RebekahKatiOver the past six months, I have collected data on the type, title, and location of jobs that I post to the INALJ North Carolina page. At first this was an effort to cut back on the number of duplicates on the page, but I realized that INALJ readers might be interested in the data too.  Please note that this data is not meant to be a comprehensive picture of employment in North Carolina, but it should give library and information science professionals a glimpse of the available jobs in the field.

Top five job categories

Technology jobs, especially web development and and database administration, have been very popular over the past six months.

  1. Web development – 562 jobs
  2. Database development and/or administration – 453 jobs
  3. Business analysis and intelligence – 127 jobs
  4. School librarian – 99 jobs
  5. Public library paraprofessional – 93 jobs 

Top regions for jobs in North Carolina

The Raleigh-Durham area is overwhelmingly the top region for jobs, followed by Charlotte.  For more information concerning the coverage of the geographic regions listed below, see the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction website.

  1. Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas – 883 jobs
  2. Charlotte metro area – 679 jobs
  3. Piedmont – 212 jobs
  4. Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem and surrounding areas – 153 jobs
  5. Coastal plain – 127 jobs
  6. Mountains – 50 jobs 

Top five job titles

Variations on the titles below are also common.  Database administrators, for example, might be listed as SQL DBAs or Oracle DBAs.  These variations are not accounted for in the rankings.

  1. Media Coordinator – 57 jobs
  2. Business Analyst – 53 jobs
  3. Database Administrator – 46 jobs
  4. Web Developer – 44 jobs
  5. Oracle DBA – 38 jobs 

Library jobs

I was pretty surprised by the number of librarian and library paraprofessional jobs that have been posted over the past six months.  Although library jobs ranked far behind web development and database jobs, they did crack the top five rankings.  For the purposes of categorization, a “librarian” job requires a MLS and a “paraprofessional” job does not.

  1. School librarian – 99 jobs
  2. Public library paraprofessional – 93 jobs
  3. Academic librarian – 85 jobs
  4. Academic library paraprofessional – 53 jobs
  5. Public Librarian – 50 jobs
  6. Special libraries librarian – 32 jobs
  7. Special libraries paraprofessional – 9 jobs
  8. School library paraprofessional – 6 jobs

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