The Thank You Note

by Ashley Crace, Head Editor, INALJ West Virginia

The Thank You Note

AshleyCraceYou have perfected your resume, crafted an awesome cover letter, and practiced many interview questions. It is easy to let the thank you note slide when you finally complete your job interview. The thank you note is important for several reasons. First, it is a common courtesy, but one that is not always practiced, so it could set you apart. Second, it provides you with another opportunity to remind your potential employer that you would be a great fit for a position. Third, saying “thank you” feels good, even if you don’t get the job. 

Here are my basic tips for a well-crafted thank you:

Be concise, be yourself– Express your gratitude succinctly, while letting your personality come through.  Use stationary that you like, but that is also professional.  I found thank you notes depicting a bookshelf with books forming the word “Thank You”.  They were professional, but still revealed a little bit of my personality.

Get the names right– Make sure your write down the names of your interviewers and check spelling on the employers web site.  It is easy to miss the names of interviewers when there are multiple people in your interview.  Be sure going into the interview that you note your interviewers first and last names.

Send it immediately-Pack your thank you notes in your vehicle or bag, along with stamps, so that you can mail them right after the interview.  This way you will not forget! 

Make a decision-If you have an interview with eight people, you may be asking yourself if you should send a thank you note to everyone.  Go with your intuition, in these cases it could be appropriate to send a thank you e-mail or simply write, “Please pass along my thanks to…” in the letter you send the main interviewer.  Every situation is different, so trust your judgment.  

Keep writing- After you land a position, it is still important to write thank you notes.  As a children’s librarian in a public library I write them often.  It could be to sponsors, community partners, or other members of your staff or community.  Writing thank-you notes is important in the interview process AND in the professional world.

Sometimes it is tough to feel grateful after going to many interviews and applying for even more jobs.  Writing a thank you note can remind you how thankful you really are.  Write your thank you note, let your personality come through, and be sincere.  Thank you for reading!