Body Language During Interviews

by Duda Trickovic, Head Editor, INALJ New Brunswick and INALJ Prince Edward Island

Body Language During Interviews

dudat1Going for an interview requires a lot of preparation. The better you are prepared the more relaxed you will be. Apart from verbal communication during the interview it is important to remember that we all communicate not just with the words we use, but also with our body. Non-verbal cues are a big part of communication overall. In an interview, our body language can help us make the best possible impression, stand apart from other candidates.

Eliot Hoppe is a leading body language expert. His website offers many useful tips on how to make sure that our body language conveys the right message. Hoppe offers articles on body language in the sales environment. During an interview, that is exactly what we are doing, selling our skills, education and experience to prospective employer.

One of the examples you can find on Eliot’s web site is about the handshake. Hand shake is the first contact you will have at your interview. It seems simple, yet many candidates miss opportunity to do a handshake right. You should look the person in the eye, smile, and shake their hand firmly, but not too strong. There are many other articles there worth reading.

Non verbal communication is part of our everyday life. In any situation, using the right body language can help us be better at whatever we are working on. Whether you’re working with library patrons, talking with colleagues or superiors, body language can help convey the right message.