Don’t Feed the Drama Monster

by Caitlin Moen, Head Editor, INALJ Louisiana

Don’t Feed the Drama Monster

caitlinmoenSo you’re job hunting. Maybe you’re working, maybe you’re unemployed. Either way, beyond the stress of job hunting itself, I would bet that you have additional stress from a current job, professional development, activities you’re involved in, and family stuff.  I would also bet that somewhere in your life and in all your commitments there is at least one drama monster in your circle.

You know the type – someone who creates issues out of nothing, or takes what you say and twists it into something he or she is offended by. Or someone who expects way too much of you – far beyond what you signed up for. Someone who constantly talks about the horrible things happening in his or her life and expects you to be constantly supportive and sympathetic. A drama monster is someone who, simply put, is draining to be around – they just live on the drama.

Really, a drama monster never deserves your time and energy. However, never is this more true than while you are going through a major upheaval, like a move, family changes, or a JOB HUNT. These times in your life are when I recommend you make an excuse not to get together or to end the conversation. The internet is full of drama monsters — do not engage. It doesn’t matter how personal the interest is, nothing will be helped by feeding the drama monster. A drama monster thrives on drama and even the most well-intentioned support or well-structured criticism will only serve to make the drama monster grow.

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