4 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date with Tech

by Yandee Vazquez, Head Editor, INALJ Texas

4 Websites to Keep You Up-to-Date with Tech

Yandee VazquezKeeping up with technology is hard. There’s a lot going on from one day to the next and many sources claiming the newest updates and discoveries – it’s difficult to know where to turn. And it is important to turn somewhere: programs, apps, and gadgets that could have extremely useful applications pop up all the time. These are 4 websites that I follow to get a gist of what is coming out of innovative people’s brains.


TechCrunch is a good site if you want to look a bit deeper at the business workings of tech companies, as well as, my favorite part, interesting new programs and apps. TechCrunch is handy if you enjoy seeing what is being developed and how it can help you become more efficient/organized/informed or how to provide better service for your patrons.


Gizmodo provides considerable information on the newest scientific discoveries as well as news about technology, so this makes it a handy overview page for both topics if that’s something you’re interested in having. A nice plus is that Gizmodo provides information in shorter, less technical bursts, so it may be a better site to check if you want more of a layman view. They are also good about providing links with additional information if you need additional details.

Ars Technica

Ars Technica has great reviews and information on new technology, but the main reason I read this site is for its coverage of information policy, laws, and their legal implications, something I don’t find as often in other places. Because of the nature of the information, I would like to point out that it is political and has a bit of a slant.


Newsmap isn’t specifically about technology, but it’s a really fun way to use the Google News aggregator to find news about technology. It is a page that sizes articles based on the number of related articles written on the topic. An article with many related articles will be a bigger size than an article with fewer. It sounds convoluted but makes more sense as soon as you look at the page. The reason I include Newsmap on this list is because one of the features of site is the ability to choose a category and one of those categories is technology. This feature makes it very easy to see any and all tech news currently being published both in the U.S. and abroad. If you want to check one site, this is it, but be warned: you may be reading for a long while.

These are the sites I like to read, but I’m always on the lookout for more. What are some sites you use to stay up to date?