Have You Heard of Little Free Library?

by Lisa Huntsha, Head Editor, INALJ Sweden

Have You Heard of Little Free Library?

lisahuntshaYou’ve seen those “take a penny, leave a penny” dishes at stores. Well, this is the same concept, but with books. Perhaps you’ve seen something similar at train stations or coffee shops – a shelf or book rack inviting you to take a book – for free – and return it, or a different one, when you’re done.

Little Free Library takes this concept and creates little wooden houses to be filled with books and placed somewhere in the community, inviting folks to “Take a Book/Return a Book.” I love this idea because it promotes literacy in an unusual way. The little library can be placed anywhere there is a need for books (within reason and legal limits, of course) and can help foster of a sense of community in the area. And, while you can buy a pre-made one from their website, they also offer instructions on how to make your own – so the idea is open to everybody.

Your library could create a branded one as a form of library outreach (and as something to do with all those donated books that don’t get sold at the book sale). Or you as an individual, or perhaps a book club or other group you are a part of, could put one somewhere in your community. Anyone can do it! I plan to do this as soon as I find someone with some carpentry skills.

Also, check out this sweet map of all the registered Little Free Libraries in the world. Maybe there is one near you?


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