by Nicole Usiondek, Head Editor, INALJ Michigan


nicoleusiondekNot too long ago I wrote a blog on the seminar I attended that focused on work style preferences. The seminar was very insightful and was followed by a second seminar on effective teamwork strategies. In every work place scenario, teamwork comes into play some way or another.

Teamwork is about relationships, communication, action, results and common goals. Teamwork relies on collaboration, which is working together for a common goal. Five important aspects of effective collaboration are effective communication, timely communication, prioritization, trust and accountability. None of these items are shocking or new, but they often are harder to accomplish when different personalities and work style come into play. If each person focuses on what the other is saying it results in true collaboration and remember collaboration results in something different than what your original idea was at the start of the conversation.

So you have a new team with a new project, how do you get to effective collaboration? Start with treating all team members with respect and dignity…. even if you do not like them or agree with what they are saying or how they are treating you. Set aside your perceptions and hear them out. If you keep your composure it will encourage others to keep theirs too. Establish ways to hold each team member accountable for their tasks and how they team will evaluate the tasks once complete. Encourage open discussion, sincerity, honesty, respect, personal integrity and involvement. It also helps to make sure that each team member receives recognition for their hard work.

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