Portable apps

by Duda Trickovic, Head Editor, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick

Portable apps

dudat1Portable Applications (http://portableapps.com/) is free app that lets you carry your favorite applications with you on an USB drive or Cloud drive, and use on any computer. For example, with the portable Firefox browser, you have all your settings and bookmarks with you, so when you have some time and access to any computer, you can go and search all of those job sites you search on a regular basis. Portable apps include among other staff, full office suite, your photo editor, your development tools, etc.

portableapps.com has a  built in app store. This allows you to search for any application you may need and install it right away with just few clicks. All applications included in portable apps platform, are free and legal, and you can download one or hundred of them for free. You don’t even have to give your email address to get the free application.

portableapps.com platform can be organized in folders automatically, or you can create your own folders. You can select apps you use more often, and those would be at the top of your list for easy access. Portable apps platform can even learn your application use habits, and keep those apps handy.

Portable apps will always let you know about updates for your applications, you just click and new updates are installed.

Portable apps in conjunction with Google drive, or any other cloud storage, let you be completely independent of any computer. Regardless of what happens to your own computer, your applications and your important files will be safe.