Job Search Stress? Time for a Break!

by Joy Rodriguez, former Head Editor, INALJ Delaware
previously published 7/10/13

Job Search Stress? Time for a Break!

Joy Rodriguez1Everyone agrees that the job search process can be an emotional roller coaster. We feel excited when we get the call for the interview and disappointed when we get no response. Or, we feel over the moon when we make it to the second round of interviews, but fall into a deep funk when we’re not offered the position. This roller coaster of emotions can be draining and makes it difficult to keep submitting job applications.

Therefore, an important aspect of your job search is to take a break from time to time to reenergize yourself. Here are five simple things that everyone can do during this challenging time in their lives:

1)    Go camping for a weekend and leave all of your electronics at home so you can completely unplug.

2)  If you don’t have enough time to go away for a weekend, then go for a hike and leave your electronics at home for the day.

3)  Go to a pet adoption organization, e.g., your local humane society, and volunteer for the day as a puppy petter. Nothing helps take the focus off your job search better than petting a cute puppy.

4)  If you have a hobby, create something with your hands. Try to keep it small so you feel like you’ve accomplished something such as knitting or crocheting a small scarf.

5)  Invite a few of your closest friends over for a potluck dinner so they can tell you how fabulous you are. Everyone needs an ego boost now and then.

These are simple suggestions, but the point is to get out of your usual routine and recharge a little so you can keep plugging away at your job search and eventually land your ideal position.