There are no jobs, there are needs to be filled!

Jill Olsen, Head Editor, INALJ Nevada

There are no jobs, there are needs to be filled!

Jill Olsen Profile PicRecently I attended a workshop facilitated by an Executive Recruiter.  One thing he said really struck me and changed how I approach every aspect of  my job search. It’s really simple but powerful. “There are no jobs, there are needs to be filled.”

Upon hearing that piece of advice my job search shifted from being about “me” (aka the candidate”) to about the opportunity and the needs of the organization that is hiring. I also shifted my language (in written materials and job interviews) from talking about “the job” to talking about “the opportunity” focusing on how my skills and experience can help fill their needs.
Here are my recommendations:
1) Cover letter – clearly state the skills and experience you bring that will solve their challenges and needs
2) Resume – should be targeted specifically to the position, using the potential employer’s words and phrases
3) Interview process – every question asked of you is an opportunity to talk about your skills and experience AND how they will fill the need of the potential employer
4) Thank you notes/emails – reiterate your skills and experience from the perspective of how you will benefit the potential employer
Simple and practical advice.
Good luck in your search to fill the needs of an organization that is looking for someone with your skills and experience!

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