6 Tips for a Great Phone Interview

Ruth Lincoln, Head Editor, INALJ Washington, DC

6 Tips for a Great Phone Interview

ruth.lincolnPhone interviews are often a first stop on the road to your next library job. They’re a chance for the organization to screen applicants and narrow its choices.

As much as we text and email, it’s easy to forget once-simple tasks like talking on the phone. But with a little preparation, you can speak with confidence, impress the hiring committing, and advance to that coveted in-person interview.

1. Treat it like ANY OTHER INTERVIEW

Sure, you can forget the suits, ties, and nylons for this round. But wardrobe decisions aside, this phone interview isn’t much different from any other interview.

The phone interview is a great opportunity to show the interviewers what it would be like to have you in this position. What would it be like to work with YOU every day?

Do your homework. Research the library/organization. Understand its mission and where you fit in. Think of some examples or stories where you overcame a challenge. Prepare a few questions to ask the interviewers.

And of course, review these other tips.

2. Prepare your space

Find a quiet area and check your phone service. Whether you’re taking on a cell phone, landline, or Skype, you must ensure your voice is heard clearly.

You’re probably familiar with the places in your home that have good service, but what if you’re taking the call elsewhere? Test this out with a friend, especially if you’re taking the call in an unfamiliar place. And if you’re considering using speakerphone, test that feature, too.

Turn off alarms and/or call waiting if you can. You don’t want the beep or buzz rattling your focus.

3. Take notes

Keep a pen/paper or a computer nearby. The interviewers will likely provide more details about the position you’ll want to record.

Jot down questions to ask at the end. Even if you’ve prepared a few, it’s always a good idea to ask follow-up questions and show you were listening actively.


Just because the interviewer can’t see the sweat dripping from your forehead, it doesn’t mean she can’t sense your tone.

Smiling might sound silly, but it really projects enthusiasm when you’re not face-to-face. When you smile, your voice sounds friendlier, and it’s simply more pleasant to hear you speak.

Grinning also slows your speech. That’ll help when you share stories illustrating why you’d be a valuable asset to this employer!

5. Say thanks

After the call, immediately write a note or email thanking those involved for the opportunity to interview. They took valuable time to learn more about you. Take the time to recognize that commitment. They’ll notice and appreciate that you followed up immediately.

6. Relax

Step back and take a deep breath. You’re one step closer to a potential job. Even if it doesn’t lead to an offer, any interview experience is worthwhile.


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