Dealing with Rejection

by Gabrielle Spiers,  Head Editor, INALJ Montana

Dealing with Rejection

gabrielle-1Let’s face it: rejection sucks.  Rejection for your carefully composed cover letter and tailored resume stings but it hurts even more when it is after an interview. It makes it feel more personal somehow.  Since I have dealt with a few job rejections in my life here are some suggestions.

1)     It’s okay to be upset. I will admit that when I didn’t get the job I really wanted after the second interview I cried. I allowed myself to get upset  and deal with the sadness and frustration that I felt.  So if it makes you feel better then cry. Get angry etc. Job hunting is hard and rejection hurts.

2)     Do something nice for yourself. Even if it is something simple like taking the dog for a walk or reading a trashy magazine in a bookstore!

3)     Don’t wallow. Allow yourself time to get upset but don’t make the job the focus of your obsession. Yes there has been talk about the shortage of library jobs out there but this was not the only job in the world. There are other jobs out there.

4)     Refocus and move on.  If you think it would help and you feel comfortable doing it then contact the people who interviewed you and see what they say about why you didn’t get hired. I say this like this because I know it is not always appropriate to do that. Otherwise engage in some self-reflection. Re-read your resume and cover letter. Go over the interview. Think about what you could have done differently. The key here though is that sometimes the answer is nothing. It might not have been you at all.

5)     Keep at it. Eventually that job will be yours.

Happy job hunting! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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