Terrence Martin … Information Literacy Coordinator/Social Science Liaison

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By Jahala Simuel, Former Head Editor of INALJ Montana

Terrence Martin … Information Literacy Coordinator/Social Science Liaison

terrencepic11) What is your current position, and what are your duties?

I am currently the Information Literacy Coordinator/Social Science Liaison at Winston-Salem State University. I am responsible for coordinating the O’K Scholar Institute twice a year, supervise media and marketing services in the library, and provide all library instruction and reference assistance for the Social Science department. I partner and serve on the General Education Committee for Information Literacy (IL) to ensure the library is doing its part to embed IL into General Ed. Courses.

2) Tell us more about your role as Information Literacy Coordinator?

As an Information Literacy Coordinator, I am responsible for organizing the library’s faculty information literacy Institute that is hosted twice a year.  I coordinate, plan and development library instruction and information literacy efforts, including outreach and assessment to engage faculty and the students we serve.

3) What new tools are you using to improve your library’s information literacy initiative?

I am currently using a tutorial created by the University of California and edited by me to enhance the already established competencies within the libraries information literacy frame work.  The tutorial is designed to address four of the 5 information literacy standards.  Take a look at ours when you get a chance (http://okhelp.wssu.edu/web_files/begin.html ).

4) What advice would you give to students going through library school right now?

Start networking now! If you currently do not work in the library field, it is going to be imperative that you connect with individuals that are currently in the area (i.e. academic, public or special libraries) where you want to work.  Attend regional and national conferences, if you can.  They will prove to be very beneficial as you maneuver in this field.

Present and publish – If you are going to be in the academy it is important that you are able to see trends, evaluate information and articulate deficiencies when needed. Don’t wait!

5) What advice would you give library students about job hunting in the library field?

Stay focused! Get the experience you need to be a good candidate.

6) What advice would you give to people considering applying to library school?

Talk with as many people as possible that are currently in the field. I’ve learned that it is important to speak with the Dean of the library school and faculty before applying. Don’t go in this field misinformed.

7) What are you currently reading?

Several blogs like the Ubiquitous Librarian and library journals to stay abreast of current and researched perspectives in the field.

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