Landing a Job the “Old School Way”

by Genise Gorman, Head Editor, INALJ Arkansas

Landing a Job the “Old School Way”

inalj collage2Technology is a great way to look for a job, but in today’s economy why not try a different approach to your job search, the “old school way.”  Listed below are several approaches to finding a job using old school job search skills.

1.       Snail Mail – Try sending a letter to the company without the benefit of a resume.  You can look at it as sort of a super duper cover letter.  Introduce yourself and use your letter as an ad for your qualifications.  Employers receive a ton of cover letters with resumes on a daily basis.  They just might appreciate someone who veers from that path and offers more of announcement of who they are and what they can offer, and you just might get a phone call for an interview.

2.      Contract Basis – Here is where you offer to work on a contract basis.  This is an opportunity to demonstrate your skills and willingness to perform the job.  It could also serve as a reference for another job.  Make sure you limit your time, as to not be taken advantage of by an employer.

3.      Work For Free – This approach doesn’t cost the employer any money or promises.  Again, it gives you the opportunity to showcase your skills and go from working free to a paid position.  If that doesn’t work, at least you will have the experience to attach to your resume, and if you’ve been unemployed for a period, it shows other potential employers that you have been making good use of your time by staying involved in your chosen profession.

4.      Strategize – How about sending a plan for a great marketing idea?  Generate new ideas put them on paper, introduce yourself, and offer an innovative idea.  For example libraries are always looking for ways to improve their outreach.  Maybe you could offer some helpful suggestions in this area, and they may find a way to fund your time and ability.  This may require a little time and research on your part, but it’s a chance to get your foot in the door.

5.      Read, Read, Read – Reading is the most basic and fundamental way of gathering new information, new job searching techniques, networking ideas, and it’s an opportunity to learn something new about job searching everyday.

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