It is here!  We took today off but we are back tomorrow in full force.  Working on an annual report and hope to have it out soon!  Happy New Year from me to you!

2012 Job finders!

So then in 2012 these people found jobs! ♥ Julie D.  -Jan. 2012 Erin W.  -Jan. 2012 Jada M.  -Jan. 2012 Callie P.  -Jan. 2012  (INALJ) Amy N.  -Jan. 2012 Ben N.  -Jan. 2012 Kate W.  -Jan. 2012 Emily S.  -Jan. 2012  (non-library) Chris F.  -Jan. 2012  (Sweden)  (INALJ) Amanda B.  -Jan. 2012  (INALJ) (Internship)…

JobHunter’s Revenge! The Survey

Emily over at Hiring Librarians and I have come up with a great new survey for the frustrated job hunter as well as the successful one.  Tell HR and Hiring Committees what you really think by taking the survey here! We’ll be tabulating and posting the results soon too!  Happy venting!

All the Success Stories!

728 This is the number of fans who have shared their job hunting success with INALJ since we were founded on October 16, 2010!  I am so thrilled to have played even a small role in their success and I hope this number multiplies many times in the next few years. In the meantime read…

Happy Holidays…and we are back!

Happy Holidays Everyone! We are back from Christmas vacation and ready to wrap up this fantastic year!  Big changes will be coming.  I am adding a ton more volunteers early in the new year and we’ll have state pages.  So excited and thankful for everything! All the best to you and yours! Naomi

Happy birthday Dad!

I will have an interview with my Dad soon!  In the meantime feel free to have some spaghetti and chocolate cake in his honor 🙂 and read my Mom’s interview 🙂 -Naomi

November Roundup (600,000+ views)

What a great month it has been! We are now at 606,894 page views after this month! Twenty-one fans found jobs this month.  If you find a job email me at ineedalibraryjob at gmail.com In November 2011 the daily INALJ digest was around 150 pages long. Now it often 200+ pages by Friday. Some fast…

Success Stories or why we do this!

When INALJ began, back when it was called “I Need a Library Job,” I started a list of all fans who found jobs.  As we near 700+ I thought I’d share the list here as well as all the fabulous success stories and interviews here on INALJ.com. Congratulations and here is hoping we reach 1,000+…


Next week I will be back to 100% instead of 66%.  Vacation on the wonderful island of O’ahu has been incredible!  I was able to speak at the University of Hawaii Manoa and be a guest at the annual meeting of the SLA Hawaiian Pacific Chapter!  I did get plenty of rest too! Mahalo!


This statement, “I am underemployed,” I have been hearing quite a bit.  Knowing that the only thing that you control in the process is you ask yourself, what do I need to do differently?  Are you really underemployed because the job market is bad or is it because you can or won’t be flexible?  Is…

Success Stories

682 fans have found jobs!!!!!  Many have done interviews with INALJ.com giving tips, advice and their stories and you can read them all in my Success Stories section!  See the full list of names as well 🙂 If you have found a job even if it wasn’t through INALJ.com let me know by emailing me…

INALJ.com is One!

INALJ.com was launched a year ago as a webzine companion to the daily jobs digest.  It has grown to host the INALJ Jobs Digest, interviews with great organizations and jobs success stories, as well as hosting links to all of INALJ’s communities on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The past year at INALJ.com has been dynomite!…

Sandy Update Two: All clear here!

Hi everyone, The good news for us is we never lost power!  So thankful and the daily jobs digest  will be out late afternoon.  Thinking of you all!  Hoping that you get power back on soon and that you are safe and sound! Cheers, Naomi

Sandy Update One: from DC

Hi Everyone, The daily jobs went out as usual today!  Yay!!!  Who knows what tonight & tomorrow will bring here in DC (Hyattsville, MD specifically).  If we can get the jobs out you know we will.  Otherwise, hang tight, stay safe and apply for jobs using today’s INALJ jobs Daily Digest! If I lose power…

INALJ & Sandy

Hi Everyone, Fingers crossed this storm, Sandy, won’t hit the metro  DC area where I live with the force predicted.  Fingers crossed we keep power!  I will do all I can to keep INALJ going next week but if you do not get your digest/jobs you’ll at least know why. Stay safe everyone!

September Roundup (500,000 views!)

(reposted from 10/1/2012)  What a great month it has been! We reached 500,000 page views on September 27th, before we were even 1 year old! Thirty-nine fans found jobs which is up from twenty-six last September. In September 2011 the daily INALJ digest was around 96 pages long. Now it often 200+ pages by Friday.…

Change to Canada!

This is a long time coming but I finally split the Canadian section of the daily jobs digest up by provinces much like the US is already divided by states. Come check it out and happy job hunting 🙂


Wow! On 9/27/12 INALJ.com hit 500,000 page views and it has been less than a year since we were truly up and running! Thanks to all my fab volunteers. Thanks to all of you for following and to sharing your successes! Here is to a busy year full of many more success stories 🙂 -Naomi

August Roundup

What a great month it has been! Forty-eight fans found jobs which is up from thirty-seven last August. In August 2011 the daily INALJ digest was around 97 pages long. Now it often 200+ pages by Friday. Some fast stats for August 2012: over 10,400 Tweets milestone reached 2,507 Twitter followers 4,703 Facebook fans 2,022…

Job Scrapers

Reposted from 3/5/2012 One of the unique qualities of the INALJ daily jobs email is that most of the listings come from listservs and postings the volunteers and I find on major library job websites. We use job scrapers as well but we are careful to check the timeliness of the postings to be certain…

Need a house? Metro Washington, DC area

It is that time of year again where my husband and I sell our house. It just went up for sale today and you can view the listing here. Six bedrooms and three bathrooms! Walk to metro, MARC, Busboys and Poets, Hyattsville Arts District, Yes! Organic Market, Chipotle, Shagga Ethiopian restaurant and much more. The…