For Librarians, Buy Librarians

2014  Shopping Guide
(updated from 2013)

Welcome to For Librarians, Buy Librarians– my guide to some of my favorite web-based shops run (mostly) by librarians! Originally posted in 2012 I wanted to share this with new fans. This is a Shopping Guide to Etsy Shops (etc) of INALJ fans, their friends and family :) I am amazed by all of the imagination and technical skill. I will be updating this periodically. Most of these shops are run by librarians but some are just ones shared by librarians that they love. HackLibrarySchool has a fab Library Gift Guide on Pinterest and Etsy has a fab list called Etsy Team Librarian you should check out too! h/t Kristin.

And finally the fab guide put together by Sarah:  Gift Ideas for Librarians.

Want to get your shop added?  Email  MUST have subject line ADD to GIFT GUIDE or I may not even open it.  Thanks!

-Happy shopping everyone- Naomi



Library Juice Press Independent library press

Hand Critters Books and Hand Critters main website books and ornaments, etc

Peregrine Arts Bindery blank books, journals, etc

Bibliopegy journals made from old records, etc

The Vespiary blank journals made from recycled materials

Dulcet dancing girl press and studio paper and books and ephemera

Two Thousand Pounds of Letterpress  Seattle area printer & bookbinder

Wintersong Books  books, holiday items, etc

Jewelry & Clothing

Stranger Bird Vintage high end vintage clothes

Agincourt Arms  hand-made fantasy, medieval, SCA, and larp-ready leatherwork, archery supplies, and boffer weapons

Nettie Made jewelry, pottery, gifts, etc

Artwark lovely earrings, necklaces, jewelry, etc

TLA Designs handcrafted jewelry

Silver Moon Designs jewelry including holiday themed earrings

PhoenixFire Designs pendants and more!

Craftology crafted jewelry

Coral Joy handcrafted jewelry including fossilized coral

Librarians Closet clothes and jewelry with a vintage twist


Libraries are Such a Drag Calendar

Tattooed Youth Librarians of Massachusetts Calendar

Other Gifts

Aproposzines  artwork, zines, and music

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab  literary and other types of handmade perfumes

LuxMobile  Cell phone cases, I got mine here (part of the Bollywood series)

Dewey Decimal Crafts crocheted skulls for all occasions

(Mostly) Mammals stuffed animals

Susan Bach Textiles handwoven rugs

Keystone Woodcrafts birdhouses

Ravenswood Prints prints

tributarieszine  a zine about growing up with a physical disability

Plumage Soap Company soap :)

The Dizzy Bobbin handmade crafts including cloth egg cartons

Jujie Wicks candles

J Beaudet Studios paintings

Tea House Vintage vintage finds

Amri Grove crocheted appliques and butterflies

Rachel Fischer and more about Rachel prints

Catching Fuzz cards for all occasions and holidays too!

Avon shop of Marlena Barber Avon products

Bag End Bags handmade handbags

Roman a Clef  handmade keychains

Chris Bishop  prints and illustrations and

LibrarianHandy  Vintage items

BadgesByQuake  Handmade badges built on creative images

Reilly’s Plushies   Fun stuffed plushies handmade and based on the game Minecraft

Hey Beast Studio  illustrator and illustrations

Thirty-One (Kate Palmer) handbags and gifts

Jamberry Nail Art nail art and decoration


Granola Lab (founded by a cataloger)

Anarchy in a Jar jams, jellies, preserves, etc

Business Cards the ones I use!

Jaye Fishel

updated 12/10/13 but not link checked, FYI

Naomi House

Naomi House, MLIS, is the founder and publisher of the popular webzine and jobs list (formerly I Need a Library Job). Founded in October 2010 with the assistance of her fellow Rutgers classmate, Elizabeth Leonard, INALJ’s social media presence has grown to include Facebook, Twitter and a LinkedIn group, in addition to the interviews, articles and jobs found on has had over 13 Million page hits and helped over 6,000 librarians find employment! Through grassroots marketing, word of mouth and a real focus on exploring unconventional resources for job leads, INALJ grew from a subscription base of 20 friends to a website with over 500,000 visits in a month. Naomi believes that well-sourced quantity is quality in this narrow job market and INALJ reflects this many new jobs published daily. She has also written for the 2011, 2012 & 2013 LexisNexis Government Info Pro. She presents whenever she can, most recently thrice at the American Library Association's Annual Conference as well as breakout talk presenter at OCLC EMEA in Cape Town, South Africa and as a keynote speaker at the Virginia Library Association annual meeting, at the National Press Club, McGill University, the University of the Emirates, Dubai, MLIS program and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Naomi was a Reference, Marketing and Acquisitions Librarian for a contractor at a federal library outside Washington, DC, and has relocated to New Orleans, LA. She runs her husband’s moving labor website,, fixes and sells old houses and assists her husband cooking delicious Pakistani food as well. She has heard of spare time but hasn’t encountered it lately. She pronounces INALJ as eye-na-elle-jay. 


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